In many ways, Covid-19 is teaching us to make sense of how hope and hoping can be a powerful tool in times of uncertainty.

For me, the Covid-19 pandemic propelled me to sit at my desk hour after hour to write. I wrote around and through stories, journal entries and blog posts that I created over the last 30 years of my life.

Over the years, I’ve learned that riting and reflecting on my experiences helps me cope. Writing helps me cope when I am uncertain or going through a difficult time. So, I started writing about how things were unfolding, day by day, as a way of making sense of my hopes and fears around Covid-19.

Over the next four months, I found myself responding to statements like, the world needs hope now more than ever. Sometimes it was a more distant call. One that said, “People need to acknowledge and act on personally meaningful and relevant ways of being with hope.”

Writing and reflecting enabled me to move a longtime dream of having a place to interact with others into a hope that is actionable. I say actionable because this hope is meaningful and relevant to my being and becoming.

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