This blog post was originally posted on on April 23, 2009. I believe these posts reflect what we can learn about being okay with hope as we navigate through the pandemic.

Below are some of the hopes that participants at a “Diabetic Peer Support Hope Retreat” named after participating in hope activities.

I wanted to share these hopes because on the first night together the theme centred around hopes for a cure.

By the third day together, the participants’ hopes had shifted and that elevated my hope. When I saw them at a follow-up session, three weeks later, the first thing I heard one participant say to another was, “Do you want to walk with me three times a week at the mall?” Another participant shared what he has been collecting in his hope bag since we last met.

– I hope I will be more knowledgeable about tomorrow.
– I hope we’ll understand each other better.
– I hope I can keep my eyesight.
– I hope we can help the Youth Diabetic Prevention Project.
– I hope I can control my cholesterol and blood pressure in choosing foods more closely in my diet.
– I hope I can understand more about diabetes and hope that someday there will be a cure.
– I hope I will live better.
– I hope I am becoming a healthy person to help others.
– I hope I can control my blood sugar level by exercising and sticking to healthy foods.
– I hope I will feel better about myself.
– I hope I exercise three times this week.
– I hope I will see some changes in the near future.