Connecting, supporting and inspiring individuals who are interested in attending to enhancing personally meaningful and relevant hopeful ways of relating, feeling, acting and thinking.

Learning With Hope

Mission: Creating opportunities to enhance hopeful relationships, feelings, actions and thoughts.

Vision: Individuals celebrating who they are and are becoming from a place of hope.

Advancing the vision of learning what is possible when we inspire, support, and connect with each other to make hope visible and accessible in our interactions in different places and spaces over time.

The notion of learning with hope was conceived as I interacted with Hope Kids, colleagues, and research participants who were making sense of their storied experiences of using hope-focused practices and strategies at an applied research organization dedicated to understanding how intentionally using hope enhances our quality of life.

Continuing to learn how we can inspire and support others to embrace learned hopefulness in our relationships, feelings, actions and thinking inspires my reasons for working with people like you.

Behind the Scenes

A hope-focused practitioner & scholar who believes we can be more than okay when we make our hopes and ways of hoping visible and accessible in our interactions.

Lenora M. LeMay, Ph.D.

Lenora M. LeMay, Ph.D.


I began to seriously attend to hope and hoping in my interactions when I took a leave of absence from the classroom to manage Hope Kids who volunteered at the Hope Foundation of Alberta. While I was at the Hope Foundation, I engaged in a variety of applied research projects that focused on ‘learning’ in community, education, leadership, and health.

Since the doors of the Hope Foundation closed and were folded into Hope Studies Central at the University of Alberta, I continue to create opportunities to inspire hopeful ways of relating, feeling, acting and thinking as a way of being and knowing.

I look forward to continuing to learn with you so as to enhance our understanding of how making hope visible and accessible in our interactions enhances wellbeing and quality of life.



What Others Say About Learning With Hope

I used to be burnt out and detached, but now I am refreshed/hopeful.
I used to be overwhelmed, but now I can see each students’ unique qualities.
I used to just care for, but now I know how to care with as well.

I used to have less of an idea of how to effectively build hope. Now I have community, caring, coping, creating, committing and celebrating as ways to think about building the courage to take hopeful actions.

I used to think only some people needed hope.
I now think everybody needs hope, needs to be a part of hope and to keep hope at the front of everything.

I used to think that hopefulness was an indefinable term.
Now I have started to use hopeful language and hopeful thoughts in a very discrete manner.


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