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12:30 pm – 2:00 pm (MST)

Feb 2021 – May 2021





Nurturing Hopeful Souls 

Covid-19 is teaching us how we make sense of hope can be a powerful tool in times of uncertainty.

We also know that making hope visible and accessible enhances learning, resilience, and wellbeing.

Join educators, trainers, & facilitators from around the world, in an online setting for 1.5 hrs, to develop hope-focused practices & strategies to enhance learning and wellbeing.

In between group meetings, you will be supported to share your learning(s) and wonders in a moderated asynchronous professional learning community online environment.

Feb 19: Making hope visible and accessible in our daily interactions

March 19: Coping with hope suckers in our storied experiences

April 15: Developing personally meaningful hope-focused practices, personally and professionally

May 20: Sustaining hopeful learning environments

In addition to being supported to enhance hopeful relationships, feelings, actions and thinking in your interactions, as an educator, you will also receive:

– a pdf copy of the Nurturing Hopeful Souls resource

– copies of additional templates and learning activities not included in the Nurturing Hopeful Souls resource

– a one-year membership to the Hope-Focused Professional Learning Community site

– meetings with Lenora, if and when necessary between registration and May 31, 2021

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$99.00 + GST (CAD)


7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (MST)

Feb 16

March 2

March 16

March 30

April 12

April 26







Inviting Brightness into Your Life

Are you interested in brushing up your hope and way of hoping so that you can see life in a brighter life ~ especially when the hope suckers appear?

Are you curious about how you can become more resilient and courageous in being who you need to be?

If the answer is yes to one or both of these questions, this six-part online series is for you!!

At the end of the six sessions you will:

– Embrace personally relevant and meaningful ways of relating, feeling, acting and thinking with hope.

– Manage moments when hope suckers appear.

– Story yourself forward with hope.

Register to receive an email to begin your journey of being and becoming more than okay with hope!

$49.00 + GST (CAD)