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1:00 pm – 2:30 pm (MDT/MST)

Aug 28, 2022; Sept 25, 2022; Oct 30, 2022; Nov 27, 2022; Nov 27, 2022; Jan 29, 2023; Feb 26, 2023; March 26, 2023; April 30, 2023; May 28, 2023; June 25, 2023.





Nurturing Resilience with Hopeful Cultures of Learning

Covid-19 is teaching us how we make sense of hope can be a powerful tool in times of uncertainty.

We also know that making hope visible and accessible enhances learning, resilience (learned hopefulness), and wellbeing.

Join educators/school leaders from around the world, in an online setting for 1.5 hrs per session, to develop hope-focused practices & strategies to enhance learning, resilience, and wellbeing in classrooms and school settings.

In between group meetings, you will be supported to share your learning(s) and wonders in a moderated asynchronous professional learning community online environment.

In addition to being supported to enhance hopeful relationships, feelings, actions, and thinking in your interactions, as an educator, you will also receive:

– copies of additional templates and learning activities not included in the Nurturing Hopeful Souls resource

– participation in a hope-focused professional learning community

– individual meetings with Lenora, if and when necessary

Send an email to llemay94@gmail.com before August 22, 2022 begin your journey of supporting resilience with hope-focused practices and strategies.


Hope-Focused Professional Learning Community

     Join other educators to make sense of how to attend to a narrative pedagogy of hope in your interactions inside and outside the classroom. 

Send an email to llemay94@gmail.com for more information.